What is the MiToken Platform?

The MiToken Platform is the World’s First Social Media Platform, a decentralised democratic ballot system, with an emphasis on DAO organisations for trustless governance. It is a Digital Asset Platform, with a DLT Ballot Box, supporting blogging and multimedia content development.

How does the MiToken Platform work?

In the MiToken Platform community members store $MIT and get rewarded with voting NFTs.

Hence, the MiToken Platform communities will have vote on every issue every time.

Voting NFT holders vote regularly on the management issues, census, referendums, election, policy outcomes, budget regulation, team roster creation, auction, matchmaking of league fixtures, etc.

Is MiToken Platform free to use or does it have charges?

The platform is completely free to download and use. However, there will be a transaction fees levied on digital asset transactions like NFTs and Fan Tokens in the MiMeta platform.

How is the vote casted in the MiToken Platform?

MiMeta application powered by MiToken – $MIT – allows the community to create and manage any kind of organisation and self-regulate.

Utility NFTs are minted to assign voting rights, role assignments, customise voting templates, and create NFT based digital assets.

Citizens, members, shareholders and fans gain voting rights as a reward when they participate in campaigns organised by the communities. On the other hand, communities / organisations can mint voting NFT and run community driven electoral systems.

Will voting require purchasing of tokens?

There is no requirement of purchasing any kind of tokens for voting by end users like citizens, members, shareholders and fans. However, communities / organisations mint NFTs to run a self-regulating electoral system.

What do mean by Gamification of voting?

Gamification of voting is our approach to competitiveness, reward, and awareness in the communities across the globe. It is a new way to develop more community participation and interaction. The more interaction takes place, more will citizens and fans get rewarded with voting NFTs.

What is the mission and vision of the MiToken Platform?

Mission: To make the world more democratic and connected

By 2027, the MiToken Platform will become a Global Influencer and will be accepted by Decision Makers and Policymakers in any decision and policy that was framed on the platform.

Vision: We envision MiToken Platform as the Future of Democracy. Community driven and accountable. Simple and secured.

Is there any mobile application?

Yes. The MiMeta mobile platform is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How communities monetise from the MiToken Platform?

Community members will be able to monetise as they will receive NFTs as rewards for participating in interactions. With these NFTS, community members can buy and sell merchandise, participate in auctions, votes, surveys etc, and earn more NFTs later.

What is $MIT?

$MIT is an exclusive currency in the MiMeta and MiVote organisations. It provides liquidity to the NFT marketplace, fan token exchange and MiMeta investment platform.

Where will be $MIT trading?

Global CEX & DEX platform.

What is the tokenomics of the $MIT?
Who started the MiToken Platform?

Joydeep Mondal and Disha Paul started the MiToken Platform by joining hands with a group of innovators, government bodies, accelerators and incubators in the United Kingdom and Australia.

How can a community join the MiToken Platform?

Communities need to create their organisation on the MiMeta platform and MiVote Citizenry Platform.

Communities will get Decentralised Autonomous Organisations in the above-mentioned platform where they can independently run votes, interact with their members, raise funds, issue NFTs and Fan tokens, customise their voting template etc.

Who are the ambassadors of the MiToken Platform?

Communities whoever are joining the MiMeta platform and MiVote Platform are the influencers.

Members, fans and citizens are the influencers in their favourite organisations, constituencies, leagues, games etc.

How do the MiToken Platform ensure votes are accountable, auditable and anonymous?

Our platform and ballot box is built on blockchain by utilising Distributed Ledger technology.

How do social media platforms work on the MiToken Platform?

Communities like universities, councils,municipalities, governments, clubs, not-for-profit, corporate, etc will get MiMeta mobile apps and webapp for their community.

MiMeta app will allow micro blogging, sharing of multimedia content, publishing of events, fundraising campaigns, creating videos and posts. In addition, the app will give access to create digital assets like NFTs and Fan tokens. MiMeta platform will be plugged in with NFT marketplace and Fan token exchange.

How to buy NFTs on the MiToken Platform?

Users need to buy $MIT and store it in the MiMeta wallet. $MIT will give direct access to the users in the MiMeta marketplace.

How to buy fan tokens on the MiToken Platform?

Users need to buy $MIT and store it in the MiMeta wallet. $MIT will give direct access to the users in the MiMeta Fan token exchange aka Fanry Platform.