MiToken Technology

MiToken Technology builds technologies that help communities connect, engage, find people, and grow businesses.

We dream of and work towards a diverse future. We have designed the next generation decision-making platform and campaign development tools to create the next evolution of social technology.

Our platforms connect the communities with the citizens and their stakeholders. By permanently altering the community engagement model, we are pushing beyond the current governance model across industries.

We’re enabling the communities with democratic tools for better information sharing, transparency and accountability in the decision-making that will transform the democratic processes across sectors.


Innovation that will shape how we interact within communities, politics and businesses.

Facing a multidimensional spectrum of challenges, climate change, a technological revolution and a global demographic dynamic, modern society must be better integrated into the governance of all layers of organisations.

MiToken Technology guarantees a higher level of consensus building and improves the quality of decisions made, particularly at the level of major international corporations.

Use case

MiToken Technology created the MiToken Platform as well as the MiVote Citizenry Platform. These platforms are powered by MiMeta's community engagement tools and broadcasting mobile application.