Our Story

The MiToken Journey So Far

An idea was born in 2015. An idea that a digital decision-making platform could be used to governing models all over the world by providing a new way to express oneself, share ownership, and share interests

The concept could give citizens a new way to interact with their constituencies. Furthermore, communities from various sectors may offer a new way to monetise their members, supporters, and fans.

That concept has since evolved into a successful global community platform. In 2022, we are proud to launch the MiToken and MiMeta platform, which connects communities through a meta-decision-making platform.

MiToken $MIT - Fuel to our mission

$MIT is an exchange token with a wide range of utilities on the MiToken and MiMeta platforms. MIT is enabling our community to interact with our platform, 1B of which was generated in 2022.

It is a digital currency used in MiMeta's NFT marketplace and fanry platform, as well as $MIT, which aspires to be the dominant digital currency in the metaverse. $MIT has already been accepted by leading cryptocurrency exchanges and is available for trading on the open market.

$MIT - The future

$MIT will provide assistance to all organisations and governments that believe in democratic principles and are committed to providing a transparent and accountable decision-making platform for communities to grow in a free, fair, and just society.

$MIT provides a wide range of transparent campaign development tools to support any type of community engagement. It is interoperable with the MiMeta NFT marketplace and the MiToken Technology Web 3 Platform.

$MIT will be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in how communities interact with their members and fans, as well as how constituencies interact with citizens on our platform. The use of NFTs and fan tokens for fundraising will result in a social shift, giving campaign owners ownership and communities receiving votes on every issue, every time.

Our Background

We began with the belief that digitising community interaction would protect our liberties, convictions, symbols, cultures, and right to self-determination. We believe that as normal human interactions become more digital, communities will be able to coexist and rebuild trust. As a result, we developed a digital platform for community interaction, allowing people to reclaim control over how decisions are made and policies are implemented.

We set out to learn more about how communities felt about freedom of thought, expression, speech, and belief, as well as the freedom to live in a safe environment. We travelled the world to organise roundtable discussions with decision-makers, legislators, assembly members, community leaders, youth forum members, labour union leaders, technology leaders, heads of political parties, heads of corporations, incubators, venture builders, accelerators, venture capitalists, and communities from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

In 2020, the year of the global pandemic, we felt it was critical to bring communities together so that they could cohabit and support one another. We developed the MiToken Technology, designed MiToken Platform, and MiMeta Mobile application, for the next evolution of digital engagements.

We thank our on growing community members and supporters for believing in our mission, values, and virtues.

Our Vision

We believe that transparent and accountable digital engagements will aid the transformation of the world into a stronger and more equitable society in which people can express themselves, share their interests, and take ownership

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together governments, businesses, and communities from various socioeconomic backgrounds in the MiToken Platform, MiVote Citizenry Platform and MiMeta mobile application so that people can regain control over the decisions they make and the policies they implement.

Our Pledge

"We promise to bring communities together and connect them with people."

We have committed to collaborating closely with communities, governments, and businesses to create a digital engagement platform for them to use. Our promise to the people was to provide them with peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Our History


Democracy is the most contentious issue in modern history.

While technological advances have been made to address issues in people's lives over the years, none have contributed to the development of a smart nation. This thought inspired our founder, Joydeep Mondal, to develop the concept of digital engagement for transparent and accountable decision-making.


Our founder began to validate the concept of digital engagement for better governance and strong democracy by participating in numerous roundtable conferences, accelerator programmes, and community meetups.


Our co-founder Disha joined the team as part of the ongoing research and development. We created a mini prototype version of the concept's fundamental digital engagements of communities across all sectors.


Our founders created digital democracy movements to gain a better understanding of the community requirements for coexistence.

After interacting with numerous people in multiple cities and towns, our founders identified a critical need for a community-driven decision-making platform for self-expression, shared ownership, and shared interest.


To support the better community engagement platform, we planned and started interacting with pre-accelerator and accelerator programmes such as NatWest in London and Social Enterprise Exchange in Sheffield, etc.


Our founder became alumni of the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) of the Department for International Trade (UK Government).


We started developing the brand, governance model and designing of the metaverse that support meta- decision-making system.


MiToken Technology was established to formalise the metaverse project. MiToken platform and MiMeta mobile application was created and $MIT a digital currency was minted to enhance the community engagement.