Our Story

Our Background

At MiToken Technology, we champion the power of digitisation of community interactions to safeguard our liberties, preserve cultures, and uphold self-determination. Our digital platform empowers communities to rebuild trust and take charge of decision-making and policy implementation.

Through extensive global roundtable discussions with key stakeholders, leaders, and diverse communities, we uncovered the universal desire for freedom of thought, expression, safe environments, and more. This fuelled our passion to develop the MiToken Civic Platform.

In the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, we recognised the urgent need to bring communities together for support and coexistence. Our ground breaking solutions pave the way for the next evolution of digital engagement.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our ever-growing community members and supporters who share our mission, values, and virtues. Join us as we revolutionise the way communities interact and reclaim control over their destinies.

Our Vision

Empower. Transform. Lead. Join us in shaping a brighter future where you are in control. Unleash your potential with our transparent and borderless civic platform. Together, let's redefine the rules and forge a world of trust, responsibility, and equality. Join the movement now!

Our Mission

Unite governments, businesses, and communities with the MiToken Civic Platform. Express, connect, and take ownership. Revolutionise your financial future and embrace a world of inclusivity and empowerment. Join us in shaping a brighter, more connected tomorrow.


Connecting every people with free multi currency account connecting every people with regular voting system.

Our Pledge

Connecting communities, empowering individuals. Our pledge: peace, justice, and unity!

Our History


Revolutionise democracy with our visionary solution! Experience a smart nation like never before. Say goodbye to contentious issues and hello to transparent, accountable decision-making.

Inspired by our founder, Joydeep, we've created the idea of ultimate digital engagement platform. It's time to be heard, it's time for change, re-shape the future of democracy.


Our founder, Joydeep, is leading the charge for better governance and a stronger democracy.

Through countless roundtable conferences, accelerator programs, and community meetups, he has tirelessly validated the concept of digital engagement. Together, let's unlock the power of technology for a transparent and inclusive society.


Meet our exceptional co-founder, Disha, who joined our team to drive the ongoing research and development efforts.

Together, we have created a mini prototype version that revolutionises digital engagement for communities across all sectors. Witness the power of our concept first hand as we redefine the way communities connect and collaborate.


Digital democracy unleashed! Our founders immersed themselves in communities, identifying a critical need for a community-driven decision-making platform. Self-expression, shared ownership, shared interest—unite and shape the future with us.


To amplify community engagement, we've taken strategic steps. We're actively involved in pre-accelerator, accelerator and business growth programs like NatWest in London, Social Enterprise Exchange in Sheffield, London & Partners etc. By collaborating with industry leaders, we're enhancing our community-driven platform.


Step into a world of success! Our founder is an esteemed alumni of the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) and a recipient of the UK Government's startup visa program. Join our thriving community and unlock boundless opportunities.


Revolutionising decision-making in the civic platform! We're building a brand, governance model, and a metaverse that supports meta-decision-making.

Dive into a world where collaboration meets innovation. Communities started join us and seize the power to shape the future.


Unleashing the power of civic engagement! MiToken Technology is now registered in the U.K., solidifying our commitment to revolutionise community involvement.

We've crafted the blueprint for the MiToken civic platform, and minted $MIT, a digital token designed to supercharge community engagement. Our founders are now recipient of innovation visa programme of the U.K Government.


Breaking new ground in community engagement! The highly anticipated MiToken civic platform is here, with the prototype of our platform, citizen.tech, now launched. Community validation is underway as we onboard enthusiastic users.

Exciting times lie ahead as our company embarks on its first seed round. Supported by Connectd and Envestors in London. Be part of the revolution, join us on this journey of empowerment and support the future of community engagement with MiToken Technology.